Shallow Pump Wells (SPWs) are for improving water security and irrigating fruits and vegetables in home gardens. Additionally, since the wells are dug, maintained and used by multiple families they serve to help build the social capital of the community.


The SPW project is implemented in communities and locations where the water table is relatively high and where hand-dug wells can be most beneficial. Project participants dig the wells themselves at the end of the dry season in order to maximize the chances that the SPW will produce water year-round.

Bareebo supplies the well rings and hand-powered water pumps, which are both installed by the project participants. Generally speaking, SPW are about 6 meters deep and provide water year-round.

Outcomes and Outputs

Bareebo and the villagers living in the communities we serve have installed 40 SPW since 2011, benefiting 119 families (513 people) . On average 3 families use each SPW, with project participants reporting improved relations with those families that helped with the digging and installation of the their respective wells.

90% of shallow wells have water year-round
73% of families use water from the wells for home gardening
100% of families report saving time in water collecting activities
100% of project participants are happy with their wells


  • Shallow pump well
    Village meeting about the shallow well project