Water is at the foundation of everything we think about at Bareebo. It is essential for the survival, health, welfare and livelihoods of the families that we work with. Typically, families rely on a variety of water sources for their needs including ponds, wells and rainwater collection.

Cambodia has two prominent weather seasons. The monsoon season runs roughly from June through November. During this time, water supplies are often plentiful. However, Cambodia also has a long, dry season running from December to June. During the mid to latter part of the dry season water supplies typically become severely limited and sometimes even non-existent.

Bareebo’s water program increases access to year-round water supplies for household and small-scale food production purposes and improves drinking water quality via home-scale water filtration technology.

The key components of Bareebo’s water program are biosand filters (BSF), rainwater harvesting (RRH) and wells.

Rainwater Harvesting

4000 liter cisterns provide an adequate and clean supply of water throughout the dry season.

Biosand Filters

Biosand filters provide safe drinking water through the removal of bacteriological and viral contaminants.


Wells provide a year-round and cleaner water supply than open-source ponds and streams.