Welcome to Bareebo!

Bareebo is a Cambodian-registered NGO working in the Banan District of Battambang, Cambodia. In Khmer, the word Bareebo means to have enough and be sufficient.

At Bareebo we share a simple belief: all human beings deserve to have enough safe water to drink and to meet domestic and food production needs year-round, a toilet, and the ability to earn a living in a dignified manner. Unfortunately, very few rural Cambodians can boast of having all of these things, and most can say that they have few or none of these essentials. In rural Banan District, where Bareebo works, it is no different.

Please be patient as continue to build our website over the next few months and provide you with information about all of our community development projects.

Thank you for your patience and taking the time to learn about Bareebo.

David Emery and Kov Bong